Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybe I Should Keep My Day Job...

Last Thursday The Sweeter Sweater Company was featured on Studio 5 (watch it here). It was my first time on television and it was an interesting experience to say the least.

We arrived, as requested, thirty minutes before the show aired. We were one of the last segments so we waited for an hour and 15 minutes before going on; plenty of time for me to focus on my nerves and for my hair to go rogue.

All at once we were ushered in to the studio during a commercial break. My older son and two cute little girls were acting as live models on one side of the studio and I was to stand with two of my sweaters on forms on the other side of the studio. Four local businesses were being featured, I was the third in line.

While waiting my turn I listened to Brooke, the host, interview the first, then second, guests. I had spent the two hour drive to the studio running over various scenarios and possible questions in my mind hoping it would help me answer quickly and professionally; I continued in the same vein during the short wait.

And then Brooke was standing next to me and introducing me and my business. "Here we go, don't screw up" I told myself. Then I heard my name, only it wasn't my name. She had mispronounced my name. "What should I do, should I correct her or just let it go? Will I look catty if I correct her?" Then the voice of reason broke though these frantic thoughts with "shut up and listen to her!", I realized in another couple of seconds I was going to be staring blankly at her on live television and saying "what?" if I didn't start listening to what she was saying.

For some reason after all the the questions and answers I had reviewed in my mind ahead of time nothing prepared me for her first question "Tell me about your sweaters". Did she mean these specific sweaters or Sweeter Sweaters in general? I decided on the two sweaters in front of me and went for it. My first though was "this sweater is peach" and quickly banished that by nature of it being obvious and lame. I went with something along the lines of "my sweaters are made of reclaimed wool, so they are eco-friendly". My next immediate thought was "did I just say they are "like" eco-friendly?" I mentioned the name of the sweater was "Spring has Sprung" and muttered something about "putting the flowers on front".

I looked next at "All Aboard!" and said something about the "train being cute and going all the way around". Brooke then asked me where I get my inspiration. I said something ridiculous like "you know, from stuff".

Next Brooke asked me to say something about the sweaters the models were wearing. I looked past the cameras to the other side of the studio where my son and the two girls were standing and said "Laird is wearing "All Aboard!" my brain said "oh, crap! That's not right!" I corrected myself and said something about "Up, Up, and Away!" and something lame like "an airplane on it".

Somewhere in the middle of this it occurred to me that although I was looking at the models, to the viewing audience it would appear that I was staring at the wall or something. I was looking off to the distance past the cameras and muttering incohesive remarks about sweaters. I must look like a total moron!

Luckily Brooke prompted me with "and the teddy bear sweater?" I answered with "yeah, it's really soft" or some such nonsense. We finished up with the "Sun-sational Sunflower" sweater and that was that, it was over.

I felt sick; I knew I had really blown it! I was so happy it was over and yet so disappointed that I had emailed all of my friends and family telling them I would be on the show; everyone I knew had just seen this. My husband kept telling me it had gone well, but what else could he say?

I am happy to say that when I watched my segment later at home it was not nearly as bad as I had pictured it in my mind. It turns out that while I was mired in self conscious confusion part of my brain took over and , if not triumphed, at least pulled through. Let's just say I may not be the next famous television personality.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watch us on Studio 5!

The Sweeter Sweater Company will be appearing on Studio 5 Thursday, September 24th! If you live in the Utah viewing area I hope you will watch us on channel 5 at 11:00am.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Arrival: Amber Dahlia Headband

This beautiful Dahlia measures approximately 4” in diameter and is made of amber cashmere. It has an olive wool leaf and a pearl button center. Attached to the back of the bloom is an alligator clip lined with ivory grosgrain ribbon. The bloom can be used as a hair clip or clipped on the headband. The headband is soft and stretchy; perfect for babies and big girls alike.
Now available at www.SweeterSweater.com.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming Soon: Gift Certificates!

A handmade gift from The Sweeter Sweater Company is a special and thoughtful way to show someone you care. Buy a Sweeter Sweater Company Gift Certificate and take the guess work out of choosing the perfect gift. A Gift Certificate allows your special someone to choose which one-of-a-kind creation is their favorite. What could be sweeter?

We will be offering Gift Certificates on our website soon! I will let you know when they are available.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yeah, They're Cute, But What Do They Do?

Now that you have six hundred and eighty two felted balls what do you do with them? Here are a few suggestions...

Check out the jewelry supply aisle at your local craft store. You could string felted balls for a necklace, put them on wires to make earrings, cluster them into a cute brooch, or maybe make a fun ring.

Felted balls would make great pom poms on the top of a hat or on a scarf.

A bowl full of felted balls will make an organic and earthy center piece! Make felted balls of different sizes and colors and display them in a cool bowl; think red and green during the holidays, pastels for Easter, earth tones for Fall. Change the shapes slightly to make Easter eggs or pumpkins.

Put a drop or two of aromatic essential oil on the felt ball and use it to keep your lingerie drawer smelling ultra sweet.

Chinese styled felted ball buttons using a button loop or frog.

Make Christmas tree ornaments; embellish your felt balls by gluing on beads and a ribbon for hanging.

Let your kids play with them (caution: chocking hazard!); I'm sure they will come up with many more ideas!

Be creative and have fun! Make sure you check back; I have a fun project planned using felted balls!